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Recovering Lost Data From Hard Drives

Recovery of lost data from your hard drive is possible, so don’t throw away your hard drive thinking that all is over. Deleted files may be restored and in some cases, get your hard drive back in operation. Data may be lost because of a variety of reasons. Do not think that it will always be damaged hard drives. Even in cases of damaged hard drives, do not rule out recovery for your data, because with specialists, you will get your data recovered through special methods from the damaged disk.

Damaged disks may sometimes be caused by a faulty actuator arm or a faulty circuit board. Specialists will be able to determine if the data from your hard drive can be recovered. Again, you may lose data from your hard drive because you have intentionally/unintentionally deleted the file. Real deletion for your file happens when the recycle bin is emptied. Normal deletion sends the file to the recycle bin, which is another folder in the hard drive. The computer is signaled by the Operating System through a special character assigned to the file name once you delete the file, that the file has been deleted, and so the computer considers the file cluster as empty. The space will be available for saving more data. The Operating System does not actually access the clusters on the hard disk where the file data is stored to empty the file contents. That is the most important point to capitalize as far as data recovery is concerned. The Operating System will no longer know whether the file exists, but it still may be there. If you wonder how long you can store your data on the hard drive once it has been deleted, note that there are other activities that may permanently destroy the data.

A good specialist will generate a sector copy for your company’s hard drives and work on it to recover the data lost. They will use a number of programs to do this. The sector copy of your company’s hard drive must have the images of the deleted areas of the drive. Good recovery programs will locate the MFT record for your deleted files and check on the MFT records if the clusters of the file are being utilized by another file. As such, these programs must search for the deleted MFT entries on the drives. You may have lost the file with the data completely if the file storage space is being utilized for storing other files. It’s important to note that further action after your data loss incident could lead to permanent data loss. We advise that you consult with a data recovery specialist to retrieve all lost data that is important to you. At Cyber Electronics, we offer free quotes that guarantee recovery of your data or you don’t pay for our services. Feel free to contact a recovery specialist today.