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Data Recovery from Water Damaged or Flooded Hard Drive

What to do if your house was flooded or you have water damage to your hard drive?

If you haven’t backed up your data and your hard drive failed due to water damage (i.e. flood, drink spill, rain, etc.), you still have options in retrieving the lost data. However, it is important you take the necessary steps which involve preventing further damage to the disk drive and potential permanent data loss.

Your first instinct when learning your hard drive or computer has been water damaged is to turn the hard drive on. Unfortunately this isn’t the greatest idea – as you may know electrical components and water don’t play well. So how can you tell if your computer still works or your data still exists? Chances are if you had significant water damage, you are going to run into some issues. If your data is that important to you, don’t take a chance – send the hard drive / computer to a reputable data recovery company so they can take the proper steps in retrieving your data and making repairs.

Another common mistake is trying to dry out the hard drive. Some people use fans, others actually use heaters or a blow dryer. Data recovery companies have procedures for cleaning damaged hard drives, there is a lot more to it then you might think.

If your hard drive was water damaged, contact one of our hard drive recovery specialists who will walk you through the proper initial steps in ensuring a safe recovery of your data. At Cyber Electronics we provide free estimates and a guarantee that your data will be recovered – or you don’t pay!