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Data Recovery Service

If your data is valuable, it is important that you have data recovery specialists recover the data.
At RescuemyData, it’s what we do each and every day. We specialize in safe and secure data recovery services from laptop or desktop PC and Mac hard disk drives as well as RAID, servers, and more.

Certified Computer Forensics Examiner.

Common Causes of Hard Drive Failure & Data Loss that will require Data Recovery Services

These hard drive symptoms may indicate or cause failures that prevent the device from being accessible by the host OS (operating system) or computer BIOS; resulting in lost or inaccessible data. The following are some symptoms to look for:

Types of Data Recovery Performed

CAUTION - If you experience Data Loss

To prevent further damage of your data storage device and increase the chances of a successful data recovery, you should follow these steps:

  • Turn off your Equipment.
  • Do not install or save anything to your drive.
  • Do not open the cover of your hard drive.
  • Contact us for a free Evaluation.