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Case: Ontario, Ca. – Seagate 8TB External USB HDD – Ignacio N


Ignacio N.


Data to Recover:

Important folder, Pictures, video, documents

Drive Type:

Seagate 8TB External USB HDD


The client backed up an important folder from the computer to an external drive. The folder was deleted from the computer afterward. When the client tried to access the folder on the external drive, it did not work. Different computers were tested with the drive to confirm the external drive was the problem. The client’s computer has a solid-state drive, so the deleted data was recoverable from the solid-state drive.

Data Recovery Result:

Read and write heads from the external drive were not working properly. After head replacement, we found the important folder to recover and the rest of the client’s data. The client came to the office to verify the recovered files and provided a destination drive for the recovered data.