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Case: Irvine, Ca. – Seagate 2TB USB External Portable HDD – John N


John N.


Data to Recover:

The client is a Photographer and all Videos and Photographs were crucial to recover.

Drive Type:

Seagate 2TB USB External Portable HDD


Initially, folders and files were taking a long time to load. Then, no data was accessible and the computer was suggested to initialize or format the drive. The client attempted to run commercial data recovery software but these programs were not able to access the client’s external drive.

Data Recovery Result:

We received the drive and started our Diagnostic procedures to find the problem. The problem found was the read/write heads. After finding a compatible donor drive to get working read/write heads, we replaced the bad ones from the client’s drive Once we gain access to the drive and backed up essential information from it, we continue to create a map of the client’s crucial data to be recovered. Then, an image of the data area was recovered to a transfer drive. After the image was done, the logical structure was tested, and verified that no errors or corruption was affecting customer files. All recovered data was transferred to a new destination drive provided by the client. Finally, the client came to the office and verified the recovered data.