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Case: Irvine, Ca. – Hitachi 2.5” Laptop 500GB HDD – Elda G.


Elda G.


Data to Recover:

Pictures, video, documents

Drive Type:

Hitachi 2.5” Laptop 500GB HDD.


Clicking Drive. The computer was unable to recognize the hard drive. The client took the drive to a couple of computer repair shops. The client got only one-third of the data and several years of pictures, documents, and videos were missing.

Data Recovery Result:

An inspection was performed to verify the condition of internal disks and mechanical parts. One of the read and write heads was not working properly. After head replacement, we found an area of the master file table that was damaged. Several read attempts allowed for a full master file table restoration and all data was recovered. The client came to the office to verify the recovered files and provided a destination drive for the recovered data.