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Case: Huntington Beach, Ca. – Raid 5 with Three 4TB SATA 3.5” Internal Hard Drives – Edgar S


Edgar S.

Data to Recover:

Raid 5 volume contains more than 20 years of personal pictures and videos.

Drive Type:

Internal Raid 5 Made with Three 4TB SATA 3.5” Internal Hard Drives


The client lost access to RAID volume after a Windows 11 update. The client took RAID to a local computer repair shop where they attempted to recover data for 3 weeks. The client received recovered data in Raw format. No file structure, folders, or file names were recovered.

Data Recovery Result:

We received the Raid 5 drives and started our diagnostic procedures to check the working condition of each drive. We found problems with two drives. Data from bad drives was recovered and imaged. Once we had the data from all drives, we proceeded to rebuild the Raid 5. Data was out of sync from one of the drives, we assumed this was the drive that failed first. We eliminated this drive and rebuilt the data of the Raid 5 with only two drives. All files were recovered in their original structure with folder and file names. The recovered data was transferred to a new destination drive provided by the client. The client came to the office and verified the recovered data.