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Case: Costa Mesa, Ca. – Samsung 320GB SATA 2.5” HDD – Omar B


Omar B.


Data to Recover:

Complete drive

Drive Type:

Samsung 320GB SATA 2.5” HDD


The client’s bad drive contains a program that controls a piece of equipment. The software company is out of business, original program installation files are lost. Data recovery needs to be imaged to a working drive in an attempt to clone the bad drive to make it bootable in the client’s computer and run the required software.

Data Recovery Result:

After running diagnostics on the drive, we found hard disk was not spinning. Hard drive PCB electronics had a short. PCB troubleshooting found defective components that were replaced. After fixing the electronics, we created an error-free image. The client picked up the working cloned drive and kept the original working drive as a backup.