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Case: Chicago, Il. – Apple MacBook Pro 256 GB Solid State Drive – Tehseen A


Tehseen A.


Chicago, Illinois.

Data to Recover:

Documents, email, pictures and videos.

Drive Type:

Apple MacBook Pro 256 GB Solid State Drive


Liquid was spilled on the laptop. The client turned on the computer after liquid spilled and heard a spark. The client took the computer to a local computer repair shop where they attempted to clean and connect SSD to access user data without success.

Data Recovery Result:

We received the SSD and started our Diagnostic procedures. We found burnt components on SSD and decided to use a donor SSD to transfer memory chips. Data was recovered and imaged. All files were recovered with their original structure and file names. We emailed a full listing of recovered files to the client. After approval, recovered data was transferred to a new destination drive provided by us.