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Case: Cerritos, Ca. – Samsung 2TB Desktop External USB HDD – Peter K


Peter K.

Data to Recover:

The client’s drive contains 10 years of family videos and pictures.

Drive Type:

Samsung 2TB Desktop External USB HDD


The client connected the wrong AC adapter to power up the external drive causing a power short circuit on the external enclosure electronics and damaging hard drive electronics too. The client took the drive to a local computer repair shop where they attempted to replace the hard drive electronic board but were unsuccessful in making the drive work to retrieve the client’s data.

Data Recovery Result:

We received the drive and started our Diagnostic procedures to find the problem. The problem found was the Hard drive PCB electronic board shorted. Initial troubleshooting also found a couple of burned components one of them being a surface-mounted chip that would require hours to replace. At this point, we decided to find a compatible PCB electronic board and program it using information from the bad PCB to ensure successful data access after repair. Once we gained access to the drive and backed up essential information from it, we performed a full image of the client’s drive. After the image was done, we verified all files were successfully recovered. Recovered data was transferred to a new destination drive provided by us. The client then came to the office and verified the recovered data.